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Chain Link Fence

A Chain link fence is durable, versatile, practical and secure. Chain link can be used for privacy and looks as much as property security and containment. It is also a great option for pet kennels, swimming pools, and backyard playgrounds!

Chain link is most popular for its sturdiness. Our chain link fences have a galvanized steel framework and galvanized fabric coat to protect your fence from the salty sea air of living on the coast. High quality welded construction also means a lasting beautiful fence for your home.

Gates of varying sizes can also be made to match in both material and design. We have multiple heights available ranging from 3’to 7’, dependent upon local codes dictating fence height for your community.

Colorful slats are also available, lending visual appeal as well as added privacy. Slats can be installed during or after initial fence installation. If privacy slats are an anticipated addition, just be sure to have heavier framework installed to account for and support the additional wind load.

Chain link fences pay for themselves with security and peace of mind! Your first consultation and quote are free, so call East Coast Fence of Myrtle Beach today!

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