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Fencing Questions

Below are a few fencing questions that we are asked on a frequent basis. If you do not find the answer you seek, please contact us here and we will be in touch shortly.


Q:  How long have you been installing fences?

A:  We have been in the business of fence installation and repair for nearly 30 years!


Q:  Can I purchase the materials and install on my own?

A: You can! But installation can be difficult. Matching the aesthetic of your landscaping, correct installation that takes into account level and grade, are our expertise.


Q:  What colors and styles are available for my fence?

A:  Style and color depend on the type of fence you want installed. Our aluminum fences come in black, bronze, or white. Picket and puppy picket styles are available. For vinyl, white, tan, and mocha walnut colors are available in privacy, semi-privacy and picket styles. You can browse the full selection of styles available through our Hudson Fence catalogue. (http://www.hudsonfencesupply.com/products.html)


Q:  Does my fence come with a warranty?

A:  All our fences come with a limited lifetime warranty, assuring your fence doesn’t chip, peel, or crack!


Q:  How long will my fence last?

A:  Longevity depends on many factors such as fence material type and weather conditions, but our fences come with a lifetime warranty and our aluminum fences are rust-resistant! Our fences require little maintenance beyond regular cleaning such as pressure washing and will maximize the life of your fence for years to come.


Q:  How much will my fence cost?

A:  The cost of your fence will be dependent upon the type of fence, any customization, size of the area – we have several options which can meet your budget. You can give us a call – your first consult and quote is free!


Q:  We can you get started?

A:  Once a quote is accepted, we usually start within 2-3 weeks.


Q:  Does the fence require any maintenance?

A:  Just regular cleanings.


Q:  What factors are included in my quote?

A:  Factors that we take into account when making an offer are type of material, quantity of material, ease of access, existing grade conditions, layout of the fence, number of gates, complexity of design, etc.


Q:  How do I find out what kind of fence I need?

A:  You can call East Coast Fence of Myrtle Beach for a free consultation and estimate and we can help you determine which fence fits your desires and needs!